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Trial access to this prototype site (with a temporary username and password) can  be arranged by contacting Celia Curnow, Project Editor, Virtual Hamilton Palace Trust. Please contact us with any comments you might have.The usability of this site will only improve with feedback to the inventories editorial board.

Print this page before proceeding.

Log in on the right entering your username and password.
Please click on Digitised Inventories (left hand menu) and chose one of the inventories you are interested in. On the inventory index page chose a page or an item that has been traced.
1. Click links on pages or Transcript link listed at the top of the page. 
A single modern and literal transcription of that entry appears at the top of the page.The entry on the inventory is outlined on the inventory page below.
2. Chose:(a)  View this record with transcription.This leads to a transcription of the page with a zoomable thumbnail image of it.
or (b) View Object Page.This links the inventory to a surviving painting or object.
NB You may now have to log in again on the right as this is a prototype trial site.
3. The dedicated Object Page links back to other inventories that mention this item (in bold at the bottom of the entry paragraph).Choose one of these. (Again, you may have to log in again on the right)
4. At the top of the page chose View this record with transcription.By left clicking on the the small image of the inventory page on the transcribed page the page from the inventory can be examined in very close detail as a zoom view with 4 settings.From the transcribed page link to a traced object (outlined in bold).
5. On this transcribed page  it is possible to search within the inventories using any word in the dedicated search  on the right hand box.Use the mouse to outline a word on the transcribed page, then in the right hand box press Go.The search finds all references to these words that appear in any other inventories.
6. Clicking Inventory Digests on the left hand column enables access to a series of essays about each inventory or groups of inventories.
7. Fill in the Additional Information Box on the right hand box and send any information you may have for moderation.
8. Return to Digitised Inventories (left hand menu) to view other inventory pages from  this inventory, other inventories or other material selected for this prototype.

 The useability of this site will only improve with feedback.Please get back to us if you are unable to follow these instructions.


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